Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Engineering: Mediated Computing on the Edge

This book provides a brief history of peer-to-peer technology in the new millennium, before discussing what it terms the “peer-to-peer spectrum,” which expands the idea of what a peer-to-peer network is, beginning with the pure, user-to-user system, and ending with those systems that can include content providers, and Cloud services. The book also clarifies the often-misunderstood notion of a “peer-to-peer overlay network,” and notes that this can be implemented either regionally or globally. In addition, given the necessary, in-depth, technical description of the networking preliminaries, security, and protocols required to write a mediated, peer-to-peer system, the book then proceeds to describe in detail such networks and protocols required to implement a complete, mediated peer-to-peer system.

William J. Yeager has 50 years of research and teaching experience. During his twenty years of research at Stanford University, he invented the multiple protocol Internet router that was licensed in 1987 by Cisco Systems, and architected and co-invented the IMAP Internet email protocol. At Sun Microsystems he invented a high-performing IMAP server and was the CTO of the Project JXTA Peer-to-Peer, open-source platform. As a result, he has 20 United States patents in his name, sixteen of which are on Peer-to-Peer Computing and four are on high performing message stores. In 2003, he established the first Internet Research Task Force Peer-to-Peer working group and was the initial chair. During his career he has written software in more than 20 languages.

Dr Rita Yu Chen is an accomplished researcher and engineer interested in distributed computing and ubiquitous computing with numerous patents and publications. She is currently a volunteer and freelance mobile software developer working on various private projects. Her open-source contributions to the community include Project JXTA, Poblano, and GnuSpace. She holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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