Establishment and History of the Cyprus Detention Camps for Jewish Refugees (1946-1949)

The book explores the nature of the severe conflict over immigration to Palestine during the post-Second World War period, and the British policy of deportation to Detention Camps in Cyprus (1946-1949). It considers the perspective of actors such as the British Foreign Office, dominated by stubborn Ernest Bevin, and the Colonial Office, the Palestinian Jewish community and its underground Haganah and Palmach forces, the Palestinian Arabs, and the Colonial Cyprus authorities.

It will appeal to those who are interested in learning more about the British side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with a particular enthusiasm towards migration policies.

Yaacov Nir received an MSc in Geology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a PhD in Marine Geology from the University of Göteborg, Sweden. During his 40 years of work at the Geological Survey of Israel, he has published in various professional magazines and encyclopaedias. His publications include The Bedouin Society of the Sinai Peninsula and Immigration to Palestine during the British Mandate, 1922-1948 (2021).

"Dr Nir’s book is the result of extensive and painstaking research which has brought to light a large number of hitherto unpublished documents. The details provided in different parts of the book and the various documents referenced are indicative of the hard and demanding work put in by the author. Dr Nir is not a trained historian, but the book can certainly be considered a very good result of historical research."

Dr Emilios A. Solomou President of the Cyprus Association of Historical Studies

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