Handbook of Advances in Life Sciences

Research in life sciences is increasingly becoming interdisciplinary in developing countries. Interdisciplinary life sciences integrate multiple disciplines in the search for solutions to multifaceted problems under the general umbrella complex of biological systems. This volume is a performance-based text intended for use by researchers of various scientific fields, including pharmacy, genetics, biotechnology, environmental toxicology, conservation biology, entomology, microbiology and allied sciences, as well as anyone interested in life sciences. It is lavishly illustrated with flow charts, diagrams, and tables for easy learning.

Dr Jill Shukla is the Director of Volonium Pharma in Gujarat, India. She holds a doctorate in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology and has more than 12 years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her research interests include novel drug delivery systems, especially lipid-based technologies, and she manufactures nutraceuticals, immediate-release, oral formulations, liquid and lyophilized, topical, nasal, and liquid oral products. She is a member of many mentor programs at national and international institutions, giving invited lectures and conducting hands-on experiments on various pharmaceutical topics by invitation.

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Khadidja Belhouala

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Soumia Nehal

Juan Antonio Ocana

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