Social and Emotional Support for Autistic Students on Campus

This book examines the social and emotional challenges faced by autistic students as they pursue their goals at colleges and universities. It explores the nature of autism, with its unique set of challenges and benefits. It views autism from the inside, through the lens of neurodiversity, a point of view from which autism and other conditions are seen as variations of a complex human nervous system, rather than disorders to be cured. Topics covered in this book include cognition and social interaction, identity development, gender, intersectionality, controversies, the challenges of living in a community, and the emergence of neurodiversity culture. The book focuses on the experience of autistic individuals during late adolescence and early adulthood. It also offers practical advice and information for those who work with autistic students.

Ken Gobbo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, has over thirty years of experience teaching college students with learning disabilities at Landmark College, USA, a postsecondary institution with a neurodiversity mission. He continues to work with the college on the Center for Neurodiversity’s Steering Committee and has published research articles in numerous peer-reviewed journals. He is also the author of Dyslexia and Creativity: Diverse Minds, a book that illustrates the relationship between dyslexia and creativity through the lives of five well-known creative individuals. His academic interests include the neurodiversity movement and identity development among college students with learning differences.

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