Reimagining Higher Education as a Learning Experience: Another Way

This book explains why society is still enamoured with education, allowing others to tell us what is important. At a time when innovation and creativity are ever more significant, we, as a society, should question past approaches. The text outlines the value of a learning-focused tactic, explaining how it differs from education, and its overall value to individual growth. A key message is that higher education institutions can adapt to a learning environment, an insight that is applicable to a broader spectrum.

Edward Brooker, PhD, is a retired college professor, and the author of 13 papers in various top-rated academic journals. He exemplifies the interdisciplinary learning approach, graduating from both community colleges and universities in six different disciplines. The variety extended to teaching business courses, including marketing, entrepreneurship, and creativity on a full-time basis, at different colleges. The experience enabled him to witness the challenges students face with the existing standardised post-secondary system.

"In this book, Edward challenges you to think for yourself and contemplate various view points. He takes you off the beaten path in order to face your fears, break away from your comfort zone and step up into the warrior you are. The information he shares in this book provides an open invitation to live from a place of curiosity and asking open ended questions that will help to awaken you to your own power."

Angela MacDonald, BBA-HR, Certified Coach

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Release Date: 8th February 2023

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