Induced Affect in Psychotherapy and Stress Management Training: Treatment Guidelines and Resources

Co-authored by two prominent psychologists, each with more than 50 years of clinical and clinical training experience, this book is directed to mental health practitioners and graduate student trainees. It describes induced affect, a clinical procedure that is becoming increasingly prominent as a means of countering emotional avoidance, increasing emotional insight, and learning adaptive emotion regulation skills. The book begins with a description of the induced affect technique, its research support, and its applications to a variety of clinical problems. It provides detailed instructions, supported by illustrative treatment transcripts, for applying the procedure in individual psychotherapy. Next, the text offers step-by-step guidelines for a six-phase empirically supported stress management program, applicable to both nonclinical and clinical populations, designed to enhance emotional resilience. The book also includes an appendix containing coping skills training materials for participants. Filled with clinical wisdom and practical guidelines, it is an indispensable training resource for health science practitioners and trainees.

Ronald E. Smith, PhD, is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he served as Director of Clinical Psychology Training for 19 years. His major areas of interest are anxiety, stress and coping, psychotherapy, and performance enhancement. He has published more than 230 journal articles and chapters in those areas, as well as more than 30 books in introductory psychology, personality, clinical psychology, and sport psychology.

James C. Ascough, PhD, held clinical psychology faculty positions at the University of Georgia and Purdue University, USA, for 14 years before becoming Director of Child and Adolescent Services for 23 years at a large mental health center serving 10 US counties. He has trained and supervised numerous doctoral-level psychologists and graduate students. He is past President of the Child and Adolescent Committee of the Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Centers, and received the Sagamore of the Wabash Award, Indiana’s highest state honor, for his contributions to mental health.

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