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Varieties of Islamisation: Varying Contexts, Changing Strategies

Muslims living within Western civilisation often desire to rediscover their own way of life and synchronise modern knowledge with the teachings of Islam in a holistic manner. This book, for the first time, looks critically at the ideas of Islamisation of prominent scholars and the institutions with which they have been affiliated. It is argued that the proponents of Islamisation have failed to integrate theory, practice, and spirituality. Some scholars use such terms as ‘de-secularisation’, ‘de-westernisation’, and ‘integration’ to mean ‘Islamisation’, although they differ in terms of the process and methodology of the Islamisation of knowledge (IOK) and contain some logical inconsistencies. Most importantly, the IOK movement has undergone several transformations since its inception in 1977 due to both internal and external factors. This study analyses these factors and changes that followed in terms of structures and strategies, and covers key areas and topics of interest to students, academics, and seasoned professionals working on the Islamisation of knowledge. It also explains the problematic relationship between Islamic and Western knowledge, and gives some pointers on how to bring about a change in the world of knowledge.

Abdul Rashid Moten, Professor Emeritus, is attached to the office of the Rector at the International Islamic University Malaysia. Having earned his PhD from the University of Alberta, Canada, he has lectured at many universities in the USA, the UK, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. He previously served as Senior Professor at the Department of Political Science of the International Islamic University Malaysia. He has been recognised both locally and internationally, and is the recipient of many awards for his contributions to the world of academia. He has authored and edited 30 books, and has contributed over 200 journal articles.

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