Images, Perceptions and Productions in and of Antiquity

This book provides access to new and exclusive research in several Antiquity and Antiquity-related fields and subjects. Revolving around four general subjects (Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Near and Middle East, the Classical World, and the Reception of Antiquity), it will provide access to new works spanning from archaeology, literature, art, reception studies, among others, allowing the reader to gain insights into some of the most current subjects of investigation in modern academia.

Maria Helena Trindade Lopes is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal. She is also the Coordinator of the Master’s Course in Egyptology and Coordinator of the “Representations, Discourses, Materialities and Uses of the Past” Group at the Humanities Centre at the same institution. Helena was the Director of the first, and at the moment only, Portuguese Archaeological Project in Egypt (Apriés Palace, in Memphis) that took place from 2000 to 2010.

André Patrício is a Clinical Psychologist and an Egyptologist. He holds an MA in both areas of knowledge and is currently a PhD Fellow in Ancient History, with specialization in Egyptology, at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal. He is a Research Assistant, integrated into the “Representations, Discourses, Materialities and Uses of the Past” Group at the Humanities Centre at the same institution.

"What lays behind the present edition, is more than a motto. First of all, the twenty essays selected for this collective contribution came from participants of the Conference “ ‘In thy arms I lost myself’ - Images, Perceptions and Productions in and of Antiquity” (hence the name of the present book), held in Lisbon by the end of 2019, and to be described as an influential event at an international level, where recognised academicians were accompanied by young researchers. So, this was a Conference that brought together Antiquity historians, as well as archaeologists, Egyptologists, Orientalists and Classicists, differences overturned by the common issue of the reception of the ancient past, deeply rooted in cultural legacy, standing in images or representation or just hard science."

Manuel F.S. Patrocínio, Assistant Professor, University of Évora, Portugal

Filipa Araújo

Ana Arruda

Adrien Coignoux

Isabel Gomes de Almeida

Rúben de Castro

Arkadiy Demidchik

Åke Engsheden

Beatriz Freitas

Francisco L. Borrego Gallardo

Francisco B. Gomes

Vera Gonçalves

Maria Helena Trindade Lopes

Beatriz Jiménez Meroño

Antonio Muñoz

André Patrício

Carolina Subtil Pereira

Ronaldo Pereira

José-Ramón Pérez-Accino

Marcus Pinto

Guilherme Pires

Edoardo Radaelli

Maria de Fátima Rosa

Inmaculada Vivas Sainz

Leonor Santa Barbara

Valentina Santini

Elisa Sousa

Kerasia Stratiki

João Paulo Simões Valério

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