Freemasonic Enlightenment in the Context of the Modern and Perfecting Rite of Symbolic Masonry

This book details a philosophical approach to Freemasonry and a Freemasonic approach to philosophy. It provides a system of esoteric work, interdisciplinary education, philosophical reflection, and social and political thought, and a method of understanding the reality of the world and the reality of consciousness. The actual state of Freemasonry is overtaken by inherent old conceptions, but this book looks to take Freemasonry from where it is to where it has never been. Thus, it exposes the Ritual of the “Modern and Perfecting Rite of Symbolic Masonry,” composed by the author, and it explains the ethos, the structure, and the substantive content of the Autonomous Order of the Modern and Perfecting Rite of Symbolic Masonry, of which the author is the Founder and Grand Master. The book expresses a keen longing for unifying, all-embracing knowledge and for instituting a Freemasonic system that creates, unites, and supports polymaths for the sake of knowledge and a better world order. As such, it presents a creative synthesis between Western esotericism, philosophy, psychoanalysis, sociology, political theory, political economy, mathematics, physics, and biology.

Nicolas Laos is rigorously educated and internationally published in mathematics, philosophy, political economy, and social psychology. Moreover, he has an extensive international background in Freemasonry and Western esotericism.

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