New Approaches to Medical Computer Applications

Focusing on neurosciences, the Internet of Things in medicine, artificial intelligence and its medical applications, and the biomechanics of movement in the characterization of pathologies, this book provides a venue for scientific exchange and interaction between researchers in different fields in order to contribute to the implementation of multidisciplinary research for medical purposes. It serves to identify practical recommendations for integrating such advances into clinical routines in order to improve patient care and quality of life.

Mohamed Hédi Bedoui is a Full Professor of Biophysics and Medical Technology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Monastir, Tunisia. He graduated as an engineer in electronics from the Engineer School of the University of Sfax, Tunisia, in 1988 and received his PhD in Genie Bio-medical from the University of Lille, France, in 1992. He is the Head of the Research laboratory of Technology and Medical Imaging (LR12ES06) and President of the Tunisian Association for the Promotion of Applied Research-ATUPRA. He is the author of more than 180 journal articles.

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Abderahmen Ben Abdeljelil

Afef Abidi

Mouna Aissi

Ines Ben Alaya

Asma Ammari

Sountongnoma Martial Anicet Kiemde

Younes Arous

Rawia Haj Ayed

Wafa Baccouch

Mohamed Hédi Bedoui

Asma Ben Abdallah

Adel Ben Amor

Wiem Ben Amor

Khaled Ben Khalifa

Zohra Ben Salah

Sofien Ben Sayadia

Narjes Benameur

Naceur Bergaoui

Mohamed Lamine Berkane

Sami Bhiri

Ahmed Ghazi Blaiech

Soulef Bouaafia

Mohamed Boubaker

Henda Boudegga

Mahmoud Boufaida

Mohamed Nadjib Boufeanra

Malek Boujebl

Rahma Boukaddida

Khouloud Boukhris

Marcel Carrère

Néila Chaari

Ridha Ben Cheikh

Chaima Dachraoui

Ines Dallel

Hassen Drira

Cyrine Drissi

Yaroub Elloumi

Imed Riadh Farah

Fethi Ghazouani

Amira Hallab

Salah Hamdi

Slavisa Jovanovic

Abdennaceur Kachour

Ahmad Karfoul

Randa Khemiri

Souhir Khessiba

Fatma Krikid

Rabiaa Lachtar

Rania Mabrouk

Jguirim Mahbouba

Ramzi Mahmoudi

K. Ben Mansour

Asma Mansour

Mokhtar Mars

Manef Ben Mbarek

Irtyah Merchaoui

Nada Haj Messaoud

Makram Mestiri

Houda Migaou

Aymen Mouelhi

Najeh Nafti

Maha Nasr

Ines Rassas

Carlos Alberto Valderrama Sakuyama

Labidi Salam

Oueslati Sameh

Rachida Saouli

Basel Solaiman

Boutheina Thebti

Sékou Togola

Abir Troudi

Serge Weber

Hela Yahyaoui

Nihed Yousfi

Ines Zaguia

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