São Paulo, a City of Water

This book deals with the relationship between São Paulo and its water resources from the birth of the city to the present day. It discusses the consequences of technological choices and applications on the urban environment and its landscape, in the processes of reconfiguration and artificialization of natural water courses to expand the offer of urban lands.

Saide Kahtouni received her doctoral degree in Theory, Fundamentals and History of Architecture and Urbanism from the School of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo University, Brazil, in 2003. A Senior PhD Researcher, she served as a university professor for more than 20 years and has been active in urbanistic and landscaping design, as well as in the history of cities, correlating landscape and technologies from a historical-environmental perspective. She is the author of the books Cidade das águas (2004) and Paisagem e Infraestrutura no espaço da sociedade (2016).

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Release Date: 20th December 2022

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