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Place-Based Sustainability: Research and Design Extending Pathways for Ecological Stewardship

Global challenges instigated by climate change and urbanisation are driving research seeking appropriate and effective strategies for social, economic, and environmental sustainability. While technical advancements are a major focus for sustainable development, there are important research avenues that explore the relationship of place and sustainability from a number of perspectives. Place-based sustainability research identifies activities and initiatives that need to be layered and integrated with technological advances, but also help drive them. This research can facilitate the well-considered steering of sustainable development and practices, the essence of stewardship of place.

This volume of a wide range of research and design approaches by a diverse group of authors of various disciplines reveals new perspectives on the relationship of the culture of place and sustainability. The central narrative that emerges from the chapters of this book is the critical cultural relationship of people to their environment, both built and natural. The authors delve into this relationship and see new approaches to support our awareness and appreciation of the nature of our cities and countryside as an integral ecosystem, thereby having the potential to nurture social values and political will for increasing our sustainable practices and resilience. The authors extend to us pathways for stewardship of our cities and countryside that are essential if we are to contend with the serious challenges provoked by our changing climate and the continuing urbanisation of the world’s population.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "The Arts, Design and Culture in Cities", here.

Jason Montgomery is an architect, urban designer, scholar and educator. He is an Associate Professor at the Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning, where he is the Director of the Urban Design Concentration, and a principal at Truong Montgomery Architect. His architectural and urban design work includes a number of prominent projects including the extension to Selwyn College of Cambridge University, the Columbia University School of Social Work, and the Summit Bechtel Family 10,000-acre National Scout Reserve for the Boy Scouts of America. His design work focuses on the nature of place, rural and urban space, materiality and tectonics. His recent research focuses on urban morphology and traditional architectural spatial typologies.

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Matthew Anderson

Salma Begum

Liz Brogden

Bruno De Meulder

Fiona Donaghey

Lavinia Dondi

Susan Evans

Alex Fitch

Gina Gatarin

Elliot Glassman

Maya Jaber

Elizabeth Moore

John Neary

Laura Novich

Rob Rothblatt

Jennifer Russell

Sareh Saeidi

Sahra Svensson-Höglund

Jason Vollen

Kirsty Volz

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