Dreaming in Auschwitz: The Concentration Camp in the Prisoners' Dreams

This book, based on the descriptions of their dreams that former Auschwitz inmates wrote in 1973, provides a deep, insightful explanation of the role of dreams in shaping the prisoners’ experiences. It studies these testimonies from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective, analysing the psychological, social, anthropological, narrative and even artistic dimensions of the reports. The book characterises the content of the dreams and their possible meanings, the manners in which the respondents sensed, understood and described their dreams, and the informants’ attitudes towards dreaming.

Among thousands of books about the Nazi atrocities, this one is unique because it explores the Holocaust through the prism of dreams. The dream descriptions serve here as an exceptional source of knowledge. They often reveal not only an image of the camp reality, but also the truth that remained unconscious, incomprehensible, and unspeakable for the dreamers themselves. As such, this text will serve to open a completely new way of thinking and writing about the Holocaust.

Wojciech Owczarski, PhD, is a Professor of the Humanities. He teaches literature and cultural studies at the University of Gdansk, Poland, and is the author of six monographs on dreams and literature, as well as numerous scientific articles in Polish and English. He is also Head of the Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies at the University of Gdansk, and his research interests include literary studies, dream studies, theatre studies, and cultural anthropology.

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