The Theory and Practice of Christian Psychology in Europe

A view of human nature generally undergirds approaches to mental health and flourishing. Spirituality is accepted by most cultures as an integral part of human nature and cannot be ignored when attempting to take care of our suffering and promoting flourishing. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019 caused worldwide shock and ripped at the very fabric of society. Everybody was affected by the threat of the illness and loss of lives. The disastrous economic impact is still felt in many parts of the world. In this book, a combination of Christian faith and scientific knowledge is presented as an answer to the question of human suffering. Individual and collective suffering are addressed by various articles and therapeutic models. The book further serves to deepen understanding of the value of spiritual knowledge and insight in therapy for both Christian and non-Christian therapists, in respect of both theory and practice. The content covers a wide range of topics, including collective suffering, individual suffering due to abuse, elements of Christian psychotherapy, the role of conscience and faith in healing, spiritual maturity, and a Christian view of identity in a digital age.

Professor Nicolene L. Joubert is a licensed psychologist and trauma therapist and the founder and head of the Institute of Christian Psychology, South Africa. She holds a PhD in Psychology and Master’s degrees in Online and Distance Learning and Theological Studies. In her capacity as an Adjunct Professor of Houston Baptist University, she develops and teaches courses in the Psychology and Christian Counselling programmes. She is also a Postgraduate Supervisor for MTh and PhD students at the South African Theological Seminary.

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Friedemann Alsdorf

Ulla Dahlen

Romuald Jaworski

Nicolene L. Joubert

Marjaana Jurvainen-Broms

Olga Krasnikova

Andrey Lorgus

Roland Mahler

Werner May

Marjatta Ollikainen

Anna Ostaszewska

Samuel Pfeifer

Paweł Surma

Krzysztof. A. Wojcieszek

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