Canadian Readings of Jewish History: From Knowledge to Interpretive Transmission

This book takes the reader through a genealogical embodied journey, explaining how our historical context, through various expressions of language, culture, knowledge, pedagogy, and power, has created and perpetuated oppression of marginalised identities throughout history. The volume is, in essence, a social justice initiative in that it shines a spotlight on elitist forms of knowledge, and their attached privileged protectors. As such, the reader will unavoidably reflect on their own pre-conceived meanings and culturally inherent notions while engaging with these pages, and in so doing open a third space where new forms of knowledge that may transcend time and space can evolve into endless possibilities. It is these possibilities of expanding the nuanced meanings of evolving knowledge, fluid lifestyles, and of a dynamic connection to humanity and God, which make this book contextually relevant in our post-modern landscape. It un-situates philosophies which have traditionally been unknowingly situated, and, in so doing, propels the reader to re-interpret discourse and recreate taken-for-granted “universal truths.”

Daniel Maoz is Jewish Scholar in Residence and Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at Martin Luther University College of Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. He is co-founding past Vice-President of the Canadian Society for Jewish Studies and author of B’Qol Echad – With One Voice: The Sermon on the Mount and Rabbinic Literature (1995) and Aggadic Midrash I: Sample Reader.

Esti Mayer received her PhD from Concordia University, Canada, and is an independent scholar affiliated with this institution. A retired university instructor, she is an active visual artist. Her annotated translation of all the extant Yosse ben Yosse piyyutim is in its final preparation for publication.

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