Environmentally Internally Displaced Persons in the Northeastern Backlands of Brazil: A Case Study

This book addresses the relationship between internally displaced persons (IDPs) by natural disasters, for instance drought, and the environment, particularly in the Backlands of Brazil’s Northeast, in order to search for legal and policy responses not yet applied in the region. Its focus is categorising those environmentally displaced persons as IDPs, so that they receive international legal protection, even in the absence of binding norms and institutions to protect them. This book makes some suggestions to categorise and protect such people from disasters, including, for instance, a network society communicative model based on collaboration among local people, the government, international organisations, and NGOs.

Andrea Pacheco Pacifico is Professor of International Relations at Paraiba State University, Brazil, where she is the Founding Coordinator of the Study and Research Centre on Environmentally Displaced Persons and Sergio Vieira de Mello Chair Coordinator. She is also Full Collaborator Researcher at the Graduate Programme of Comparative Studies on the Americas at the University of Brasilia and Senior Research Affiliate at the University of London Refugee Law Initiative (RLI). She has published 62 articles, 19 book chapters, and eight books, including A Network Society Communicative Model for Optimising the Refugee Status Determination System (2022) and Social Capital of Refugees: Cultural Background and Public Policy (2010).

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