The Reality behind Barbara Pym's Excellent Women: The Troublesome Woman Revealed

This book analyses Barbara Pym’s published and unpublished work through a new image, that of the troublesome woman. It details the political nature of her work, highlighting her feminist ideas which are hidden in village-like settings and revealed by troublesome women. By exploring Pym’s written work, published, and unpublished, diaries and notebooks, the book shows that this material gives credence to Hilary Pym’s interpretation of her sister as a complex person.

Robin R. Joyce has published papers about Barbara Pym and presented papers about her and her writing at Barbara Pym Conferences in Oxford and Cambridge, USA. She has published papers on women and the labour movement, women’s history, and popular culture, and is the author of a blog, in which she reviews books and restaurants, and comments on politics, popular culture and travel. She holds Master’s degrees in History, and Communications and a PhD in English Literature.

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ISBN: 1-5275-8928-5

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Release Date: 24th February 2023

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