The Modern Economy and Values

The Modern Economy and Values

This book stems from the principle that each individual on our planet is of the highest value, arguing that each person should be recognized according to what dignity and what values they bear.

It shows that the phenomenon of values is not what people want, but what people should want, highlighting that Europe and America have advanced most on this path. As such, the book pays special attention to European and Euro-Atlantic values.

It describes how the value system, which society uses as a guide, has dictated the usual norms of behavior of a large number of people. These values are not equally acceptable to all, and some even violate them, but society has developed formal (laws) and informal (customs) institutions to uphold them.

The issues discussed in this book, about the modern economy and values, will be interesting for all people who think about the fate of their country and humanity, regardless of their nationality, religious confession, race, profession, age, or worldview.

Gia Zoidze completed his doctorate at the Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies and Social Sciences of Georgian Technical University in 2019. He is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Economic Policy at the Batumi Rustaveli State University, Georgia. His research interests include modern economy and values, economic policy, institutional economics, international economics, economic security, and risk management.

Shota Veshapidze is a Doctor of Economic Sciences, and is currently an Associate Professor at Tbilisi State University. His research interests include modern economy and values, history of economic thought, problems of globalization, the world economy, and international economic relations.

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