Sport Tourism and Its Territorial Development and Opportunities

The book explores the theme of active sports tourism, which includes extreme sports, those in contact with nature, and the so-called ‘slow adventure’. It shows that it is a rapidly developing sector because it is less expensive than other tourism segments, produces more economic impact for the host territory and is more attentive to respect for the environment. The book provides a complete picture of the phenomenon at an international level, investigating its territorial development, the profile of sports tourists, the role of communication and host branding, the contamination between sports tourism and other forms of tourism, and the prospects for future development of this sector.

Barbara Mazza is an Associate Professor at Sapienza, University of Rome. She is a member of the International Research Network in Sport Tourism, and has written a number of books on sports management and sports communication and several articles on sports tourism communication.

Claude Sobry is Professor Emeritus at the University of Lille, France. He created and runs the International Research Network in Sport Tourism, and is the author of numerous articles and books on sports tourism and local sustainable development.

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Christiane Beyerhaus

Enrico Bonetti

Raffaele Cecere

Alfredo de Martini

Alexander Hodeck

Francesco Izzo

Barbara Masiello

Claudio Melli

Ricardo Melo

Barbara Montesi

Slyang Mou

Olivier Naria

Rossella Saguocco

Eva Schwartzhoffová

Michele Terraferma

Derek Van Rheenen

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