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An Integrated Investigation of Family Violence

The book develops an integrated framework to analyze four different types of family violence: intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder maltreatment, and sibling bullying. The framework is based on evolutionary biopsychology, social psychology, and sociology, offering a comprehensive understanding of the key determinants of family violence. Although the theories developed apply cross-culturally, the work summarizes more directly the latest empirical research on family violence in the United States and Canada. It demonstrates that, while each type of family violence shares in common various underlying causal or risk factors, the evidence reveals, too, that certain mechanisms are highly specific to particular family relationships. Academicians, service professionals, and educated consumers alike who are intrigued by the complexities of human aggression and family violence will find here trusted summaries of key explanatory principles that build upon the state-of-the-art research from across many different scientific disciplines.

Dr Joseph H. Michalski is a Professor and King’s Research Excellence Chair at King’s University College at Western University, Canada. He has taught in the Department of Sociology at this institution since 2003, where he then developed and launched the department’s Criminology program in 2005. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters, three monographs, one edited volume, and dozens of research reports. His substantive research focuses mainly on comparative studies of different types of violence, ranging from family conflicts to international terrorism.

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