A Tri-Dimensional Model of Mental Health: The Wellness Wheel

This work is an ambitious, original, and searching study as to what constitutes and comprises ‘mental health’. It advances the proposition that existential or holistic health depends on integral wholeness, the synthesis of body, mind, and heart. As such, a tri-dimensional model is proposed based on the triadic self, rooted in philosophical perspectives on the subject, arguing throughout that the human person is a unity-in-diversity, that one is always whole and well in one’s Self (essence), which must be distinguished from the ego (personality). The importance and relevance of the Enneagram as a foundational system for understanding human personality is referenced throughout. The various strands and thought-threads in the book coalesce around the central doctrine of nonduality exemplified by mystical Christianity and the philosophia perennis.

Stephen J. Costello holds a PhD in Philosophy from University College Dublin. Subsequently, he trained as a psychoanalyst, then as a logotherapist. He is Founder-Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland and the author of 13 books. He has over 30 years’ experience in lecturing and leading workshops and seminars internationally, including in the corporate sector. He is a practising clinician, as well as an accredited Enneagram coach.

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