A Practical Handbook of Life Sciences

Aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate students, this practical handbook is the result of cooperative effort and is designed to meet the present needs of students. Clear and concise, it is prepared in accordance with the latest syllabi and guidelines, and explores the instruments, glassware, and plastic wares that are handled during experimental procedures and related information concerning calculations required to prepare chemical reagents and media.

Dr Gauri Singhal has worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at Sanskriti University, India. She has authored one book and around 10 research papers.

Dr Nidhi Srivastava has 19 years of teaching and research experience in molecular and stress biology in plants. She is Associate Professor in the Department of Biotechnology and Associate Dean of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Raebareli, India. She has authored four books and more than 80 research papers.

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