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Explorations and Proposals toward Market Socialism and World Government: A Visionary Odyssey

This book blends real-world history, intellectual history, and personal history into a compelling case for a new way of thinking about such highly controversial—and highly misunderstood—concepts as market socialism, a Global Marshall Plan, and world government. It argues that, if properly designed according to clear and specific blueprints, all three of these possibilities would indeed greatly benefit humanity if they were fully implemented. The book puts a human face on these proposals by documenting their origin and development through a detailed account of the author’s professional efforts over a long and productive academic career. This story of steadfast determination in the face of steep odds will resonate deeply with every person who has nourished a vision that is commonly dismissed as excessively idealistic and unrealistic.

James A. Yunker is Emeritus Professor of Economics at Western Illinois University, USA. Over his long academic career, he has published 15 books and close to 100 professional articles on a variety of topics in economics and other areas. His research focus is the application of balanced and systematic analysis to the evaluation of controversial issues and policy proposals. His publications include the books Socialism Revised and Modernized: The Case for Pragmatic Market Socialism (1992); Economic Justice: The Market Socialist Vision (1997); On the Political Economy of Market Socialism: Essays and Analyses (2001); Political Globalization: A New Vision of Federal World Government (2007); The Grand Convergence: Economic and Political Aspects of Human Progress (2010); The Idea of World Government: From Ancient Times to the Twenty-First Century (2011); Global Marshall Plan: Theory and Evidence (2014); and Evolutionary World Government: A Pragmatic Approach to Global Federation (2018).

“James A. Yunker has for decades been one of the most provocative and compelling commentators on world order. His economics background gives his work a distinctive and sophisticated perspective on global political economy—one oriented to expanding social welfare provision within the integrated global institutions of a world government. His memoir Visionary Odyssey provides an absorbing account of the origin and development of that thinking. It is highly recommended to all those with a serious interest in the long-term human prospect.”
Luis Cabrera
Associate Professor, Griffith University School of Government and International Relations, Australia

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