A New Approach to Understanding Rhythm in Indian Music

A New Approach to Understanding Rhythm in Indian Music

Presenting a comprehensive overview of some major traditional Indian rhythms, this book adopts a novel visual approach towards representing these rhythms (for example, Tāḷa/Tāl) in a graphic, tabular ICT (Information Communication Technology) format. It offers insights into structural aspects of beauty in Indian rhythms, and covers examples from ancient to contemporary music, including folk, classical and popular film songs. The tabular informative approach used in this book may also be applied to the study of other forms of traditional music across the world, such as folk music of Eastern Europe and indigenous music from other parts of Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Africa.

Dr Meera Subramanian, is a scholar, musicologist, teacher and Karnāṭak music vocalist. She received her PhD from the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts of the University of Delhi, India, in 2018. Over the last decade, she has contributed articles on music to many journals, and has given solo and group performances in Karnātak music in various temples and functions.

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