The Didactics of Acute Lung Inflammation

This book argues that the choice of treatment methods for acute pneumonia depends on the concept of the disease. It shows that modern ideas about the nature of lung tissue inflammation do not pay due attention to some fundamental axioms of medical science, which is the reason for the long-term tendency to decrease the results of treatment of this category of patients. This book serves to correct the existing doctrine of pneumonia, which allowed to substantiate the pathogenetic principles of treatment. It shows that it is possible to better understand the causes of failures and significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment of patients with acute pneumonia.

Igor Klepikov is a general and pediatric surgeon of the highest qualification and a professor. His study of the dynamics of inflammatory processes in the lungs on the basis of classical materials of medical science has led to successful clinical testing and justification of the possibility of guaranteed prevention of complications of the disease. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers.

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