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Advancing Public and Industry Participation in Coastal and Marine Sciences

This book introduces a range of citizen science approaches to the coastal and marine sciences, introducing a variety of case studies. It goes beyond the narrow definition of citizen science, and also includes the contributions to science provided by the wider tourism industry. Various methods are discussed, including traditional surveys, the use of social media and GPS tracking as sources for data, and citizen science contributions through online platforms and apps, as well as tour operator sighting logs.

Dr Michael Lück is a Professor in the School of Hospitality and Tourism at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He is founding co-chair of the International Coastal and Marine Tourism Society. His research focuses on coastal and marine tourism, and he has published many peer-reviewed journal articles, (co-)edited 13 volumes on tourism, and co-authored the text Tourism (2nd edition, 2020).

Dr Brooke A. Porter works as instructional designer developing accessible content for multiple sectors related to development. She has worked in various capacities with NGOs, international aid agencies and educational institutions around the world. She has also published in a number of international journals and has recently edited two volumes on gender biases in fieldwork.

“Lück and Porter present 16 chapters by 20 leading science practitioners regarding the perks and perils of incorporating public participation in empirical studies of coastal and marine wildlife. The book is both innovative and important, and makes a substantial contribution to highlighting the evolution of “citizen science” in advancing scientific inquiry in challenging environments, while also increasing agency and awareness with regard to public appreciation of, involvement in, and support for wildlife conservation.”
Professor Paul Forestell
Long Island University, Brookville, USA

“At the present moment, a quiet revolution is taking place in terms of how tourism researchers collect their data - the rise of citizen science. This innovative book provides a seminal exploration of this method. It explores its application in both scientific and social science contexts, and its use by businesses and tourists. In doing so, the book positions itself as essential reading for those wishing to engage with this method. A must read for both researchers and businesses wishing to engage in citizen science. “
Anne Hardy
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania, Australia

“Advancing Public and Industry Participation in Coastal and Marine Sciences is an important and timely contribution to the interdisciplinary field of citizen science. The editors, Michael Lück and Brooke A. Porter, have chosen an exceptional and creative group of researchers to remark on their experiences with citizen science. This volume will be of immediate value to scientists, to citizens who are motivated to make scientific contributions, and to students who are looking for a career (or personal) path that values curiosity, logical inquiry, and responsible environmental policy.”
Professor Marc L. Miller
School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington, USA

“Citizen science (CS) can play a vital role in the management and guardianship of marine wildlife and coastal environments. This valuable collection provides insights and case studies that enhance our understanding and appreciation of CS in action. Highly recommended!”
Professor Jeff Wilks
Griffith Institute for Tourism, Griffith University, Australia

Claudio Aguayo

Christophe Amiot

Filippo Bargnesi

Carlo Cerrano

Tracy Cooper

Jens Currie

Moira Décima

Paul Forestell

Andreas Skriver Hansen

Michael Lück

Serena Lucrezi

Michael Lueck

Emmanuelle Martinez

Martina Milanese

Marc L. Miller

Mark Orams

Blair Outhwaite

Chantal Pagel

Brooke A. Porter

Vikki Schaffer

Stephanie Stack

Karen Stockin

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