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A Guide to Type 1 Diabetes Management, Technology, and Everything Else You Need to Know

In just a decade, Type 1 diabetes management has evolved, and advanced technology has become more widely available as part of routine self-management. This book fills a gap in discussing the complexities of emerging diabetes technology such as insulin pumps, closed-loop systems and continuous glucose monitoring. It also provides essential resources and advice to enable successful self-management of Type 1 diabetes.

Professor May Ng, OBE, PhD, MBA, LLM, MSc, MBBS, FRCPCH, FHEA, SFFMLM, is an Honorary Professor at Edge Hill University, UK, Associate Professor at the University of Liverpool, and Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist in the United Kingdom. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney, Australia and her training in the UK. As a recipient of the UK Medical Research Council Fellowship, she obtained an MSc and PhD in Endocrinology and Diabetes. She also holds a Master of Laws and an MBA. She is Chair of the UK Association of Children’s Diabetes Clinicians and the UK Diabetes Research Steering Group for Young People, Officer for British Society of Paediatric Endocrinology Diabetes, and Research Officer for the Royal College of Paediatrics, in addition to serving on the Advisory Council of the International Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes. She is the author of over 150 publications and has presented at more than 250 scientific meetings. Her publications include the books A Journey with Brendan and Me and My Hormones: What Can Go Wrong?

“This is a great introduction to living with Type 1 diabetes both for healthcare professionals and people living with the condition. It covers all aspects of day-to-day management, including how to get the best out of the latest technology available. [It is an] invaluable book that is highly recommended.”
Chris Askew OBE
Chief Executive of Diabetes UK

“This is a wonderful book that is clear and informative. As a resource, it is essential reading for anyone living with or caring for someone with Type 1 diabetes. It unpacks the medical facts of Type 1, key information needed to self-manage the condition and the rapid advances in treatment technologies. Professor Ng is one of the UK's leading clinicians on Type 1 diabetes and I would highly recommend this book to anyone living with or caring for someone with the condition.”
Karen Addington
Chief Executive of JDRF, UK

“Not only does Professor Ng understand the biological and medical science behind new treatments and technology to help Type 1 diabetes management, but she also understands and empathises with the human side of diabetes management. This book is bang up-to-date, and relevant to all healthcare professionals, those who care for people with Type 1 and those who live with this complex condition. I thoroughly endorse May Ng's book as a unique and valuable T1 resource.”
Jerry Gore
Global Ambassador, International Diabetes Federation; Co-Founder, Action4Diabetes

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