Current Trends in Marine Biology

The oceans and the marine environment, covering about 70% of the earth, are critically important to humans. Marine biology provides an understanding of the various organisms that inhabit this essential ecosystem. Recently, biologists encompassing a broad interdisciplinary community of researchers and industrialists have gained enormous interest in understanding the enigmas of survival, the food web, primary production, natural products, interactions and competition, communication, reproduction, evolution, diversity, fouling and many other aspects pertaining to the marine ecosystem. This book encompasses original and internationally significant contributions from all fields of marine biology that promote understanding of the current marine environment and its life forms. It offers insights from a range of scientific sub-disciplines, and will prove beneficial for students, researchers, scientists and industrialists. It addresses topics such as bioremediation, authentication, biodiversity, as well as commercial utility.

Anjana K. Vala holds a PhD in Microbiology, and is a member of the Department of Life Sciences of Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, India. With specialization in Marine Microbiology, she has over 20 years of research and teaching experience, and has over 60 publications to her credit, including articles in various national and international journals and two books.

K. Suresh Kumar, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Botany of the Central University of Allahabad, India. He carried out his doctoral studies at the Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, India, and continued his studies of marine biology at Incheon National University, South Korea, Xiamen University, China, and Hanyang University, South Korea. He is the author of more than 40 publications.

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