Preventing Child Maltreatment and Traumas: Examples from Italy and Japan

Drawing from the experiences of Italy and Japan, this book shares successful examples, clinical cases, new effective diagnostic techniques and screening tools, and relevant experiences from a public Children’s Hospital, from a private clinic for abused children, as well as from private psychotherapeutic and paediatrician practices, who are daily committed to early detecting and treating different types of child neglect, abuse and maltreatments. It will be of interest to experienced clinicians, psychotherapists working with children and adults, psychiatrists, and paediatricians. The book will also appeal to academics teaching on doctoral programs in psychotherapy and paediatrics, who have already a basic knowledge of child maltreatments and traumas typologies, and are interested in comparing clinical experiences and learning new tools for early diagnosis and treatments.

Alessandro Cavelzani, PhD, is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for children and adults in private practice in Milan, Italy. He is a member of the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and has volunteered at Buzzi Children’s Hospital of Milan and at Melloni Hospital of Milan, treating post-partum depression. His publications include “Dyadic Expansion of Consciousness and Therapeutic Change in the Analyst-Patient Interaction” in Psychoanalytic Dialogues and “Micro-traumatic Experiences and Psychotherapeutic Treatment” in the Journal of Integrative Medicine.

Lucia Romeo, MD, is a paediatrician and Head of the TIMMI Unit for Preventing Child Maltreatment at Buzzi Children’s Hospital of Milan, Italy. Her publications include “Can Family Pediatricians in Italy Identify Child Abuse?” in Minerva Pediatrica Journal and “Abuso e maltrattamento” in Manuale di Pediatria.

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Sugako Asaeda

Vleria Brazzoduro

Alessandro Cavelzani

Federica Giannotta

Carlotta Gorio

Eiko Honaga

Emiko Katsurada

Toyoaki Ogawa

Lucia Romeo

Giusy Soldato

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