Women and Social Change in Pakistan

This book highlights the effects of education, media, legislation, executive measures, political process, and civil society on Punjabi women in the larger Pakistani socio-cultural milieu. It conducts both qualitative and quantitative analysis through a literature review, extensive interviews, surveys, and group discussions from male and female university students, legal experts, and women rights activists. As such, this study presents a serious debate on socio-cultural, legal, political, and economic aspects of women’s rights in Pakistan.

Dr Shehzadi Zamurrad Awan received her PhD from the Pakistan Studies Centre at the Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan, focusing on gender studies and social change. She has published several research articles and a number of book chapters. She frequently writes in English and Urdu newspapers and magazines on various socio-political issues, particularly gender concerns. She is currently serving as an Associate Professor in the Political Science Department at Forman Christian College University, Pakistan.

"The data and evidence collected for this study offer a deeper understanding of Pakistani society from women’s experiences in relation to the modernizing agents that catalyse the transformation of women’s lives. The book indeed serves as an important contribution to the academic debate from an indigenous gender standpoint and a critical entry to the mainstream feminist narratives. Thus, the book offers significant value for informing and inspiring reflections from other academics, political leadership as well as civil society to reflect upon and evaluate the contemporary debates and mindset towards women’s placement and undertake necessary course of action for an inclusive and sustainable future."

Shagufta Haneef, Daily Times

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