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A Holistic Approach to Ceramic Sculpture: Its History, Theory, and Materiality

This book offers a holistic view of ceramic art, including its history, theory, and materiality, and discusses ideas of ceramics and sculpture in which students and professional artists can find solutions and inspiration. It focuses on the structures behind forms and colors that constitute ceramic art. The book also provides images of distinguished ceramic art, along with descriptions of their history, techniques, and concepts described, and will serve as an engaging and essential resource for the ceramic arts today.

Yasumitsu Morito is a visual artist who works primarily in ceramics and sculpture. He is a Fellow of National Sculpture Society and a Cultural Ambassador for Mashiko Ceramics of the Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, and teaches Ceramic Sculpture at the Art Students League of New York. He has exhibited in various venues in New York, Central America and Japan, including a solo exhibition in Carl Schurz Park in New York, among others. His work has been featured in various publications, including the Wall Street Journal and NY1.

“Ceramic objects are created with the direct touch of the earth by the hand and then solidified by fire, embodying a truly collaborative effort between humans and nature. Yasumitsu Morito, who hails from Mashiko, which is best known as a kiln town in Japan, and one of the centers of the Mingei movement, has devoted his career as both an artist and educator. Through his extensive knowledge of ceramic methodologies and touching upon his own artistic concepts and forms, Morito escorts us through the world of ceramic arts in his first book, 'A Holistic Approach to Ceramic Sculpture: Its History, Theory and Materiality' by providing us with a historical survey and a discussion of traditional techniques and contemporary innovations in the medium.”
Yukie Kamiya
Art Critic and Former Gallery Directory, Japan Society, New York

“The images and clear diagrams and terminology make this book interesting to everyone – from those with a general interest in the arts, to beginning ceramists, to professional artists.”
Elizabeth Helm
Librarian, National Sculpture Society

“[This book] is a guide through a 5,000-year-old craft that encourages his reader to think critically about the moment in which she enters the ceramics ecosystem, and all the moments before and after.”
Sarah Montonchaikul
Sculpture and Artifact Conservator

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