Historical Code-Mixing in English Place-Names

This book provides new insights into the nature of hybrid place-names in England. It uncovers the different patterns of hybrid place-name formation, investigating the Celtic, the Anglo-Saxon, the Scandinavian and the Norman French layers and elements of English toponymy. The book analyses research conducted on a corpus of toponyms drawn from a place-name dictionary, and is embedded within the framework of sociolinguistics. It will appeal historians, historical linguists, and sociolinguists, as well as place-name scholars and local history enthusiasts.

Tamás Fekete is Senior Lecturer at the Department of English Linguistics of the University of Pécs, Hungary. His main research interests are connected with English historical linguistics, particularly the fields of phonetics and morphology, with a pronounced focus on the Old English period and with special attention on the English-Norse contact situation. He has published on these subjects both in Hungarian and in English across a number of journals. He has also recently co-edited a two-volume English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English technical dictionary of linguistic terms.

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