Education in Troubled Times: A Global Pluralist Response

This volume presents a scholarly conversation about education in troubled times across different temporal and spatial contexts. The concept of troubled times in this book refers to situations of serious challenges or crises that affect the practice of education at community, national and global levels.

It examines how education operates across a wide range of challenging circumstances, from the COVID-19 pandemic, political manipulations, and the neoliberal economy to conflict and post-conflict situations. The volume also considers the measures national governments should take to contain and mitigate their effects, and how effective these measures are in curbing such challenges. By addressing these questions, it also suggests ways to overcome the identified challenges and crises in their respective contexts.

Yahia Baiza is a Research Associate at the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, and Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies Regional Editor for Afghanistan. He specializes in education, Islamic, Central Asian, and refugee studies, and Persian historical manuscript analysis. He is also a consultant on various levels and aspects of education, including curriculum, policy, and planning. He is the author of over 70 academic articles, as well as the book Education in Afghanistan: Developments, Influences, and Legacies since 1901 (2013; 2017).

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Fatima Ahsan

Yahia Baiza

Ketan Dandare

Sarah Eyaa

Sameh Fawzy

Kathleen Fincham

Riaz Hussain

Laila Kadiwal

Swati Kamble

Anil Khamis

Stephen M. Lyon

Fredrick Mtenzi

Nekpen Okhawere

Manasi Pande

Musa Saimon

Gulnar Sarseke

Syed Shah

Lotika Singha

Charlene Tan

Jeff Tan

Sandra Wu

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