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Fashion Theory and the Visual Semiotics of the Body

Instead of the logic of representation of fashion in the light of modern society and postmodern culture, this book argues that contemporary fashion should be regarded as a performative-conceptual turn in the very core of body iconograms. The text presents a theoretical perspective of the phenomenon of fashion within fashion theory as establishing a new approach from visual semiotics. Through this lens, fashion, therefore, emerges as a visual code of contemporary societies and cultures in the networked matrices of hyperreality and visions of that coming time that will determine the combination of cybernetics, fetishism and transgression.

Žarko Paić is a Professor at the University of Zagreb, where he teaches courses in Aesthetics and Media Studies. His publications include Theorizing Images (edited with Krešimir Purgar, 2016), Technosphere Vols. 1-5 (2018-2019), White Holes and the Visualization of the Body (2019), Neoliberalism, Oligarchy and the Politics of the Event: At the Edge of Chaos (2020), and The Spheres of Existence: Three Studies on Kierkegaard (2021).

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Marianna Boero

Petra Krpan

Žarko Paić

Krešimir Purgar

Nina Katarina Simončič

Tonči Valentić

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