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Africana-Melanated Womanism: In It Together

This volume discusses two highly discussed contemporary phenomena: namely, closing the gap between high school, college and university readership, and generational wealth for Blacks. A comprehensive book that spans the totality of life, bringing together perceptive writers, embracing inherent challenges in their fields via the Africana Womanist lens, it speaks truth to Africana women and their families, while offering plausible solutions for correcting historical and current societal ills. It shows how Africana women prioritize race, class and gender in combatting daily racial dominance, utilizing the 18 distinct characteristics of Africana Womanism.

Clenora Hudson (Weems), PhD, is a professor, author, screenwriter, producer, and the conceptualizer of Africana Womanism. She co-authored, with Dr Wilfred D. Samuels, Toni Morrison (1990), the first critical study of the Nobel Laureate. She is the author of four books on Africana Womanism and four on Emmett Till, whom she established as the true catalyst of the Civil Rights Movement in her 1988 Ford doctoral dissertation, “Emmett Louis Till: The Impetus of the Modern Civil Right Movement,” at the University of Iowa, published in 1994 as Emmett Till: The Sacrificial Lamb of the Civil Rights Movement. She is also the editor of Contemporary Africana Theory, Thought and Action: A Guide to Africana Studies (2007) and Africana Paradigms, Practices and Literary Texts: Evoking Social Justice (2021).

“Africana-Melanated Womanism is a tremendous contribution that provides an authentic understanding of the complementary roles Africana women and men have played and must continue in our ongoing quest for liberation and abundant life. As collectivity is a powerful force uniting Africana men and women, our legacy of survival ensures our victory. From the academy to the community, it provides an Africana liberatory lens, conceptual framework and significant tools for analysis and synthesis.”
Chike Akua, PhD
Professor of Educational Leadership, Clark Atlanta University; author of Education for Transformation: The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students

“While a student in [her] class a decade ago, [Dr Hudson (Weems)] put words to what I had felt as a Black woman who couldn’t find her home in feminism. In this book, she marries unapologetic demands for Black women’s equality and celebration, and a partnership of Black men in our struggle. She also highlights the need for us to self-determine our own frameworks for equality and traces how Black women throughout history have defied the “strong Black woman” trope that has done more harm than good. We must lift as we climb and strive for all human flourishing, while not compromising our values, indeed, exactly what today’s social movements need to succeed.”
Laura Faith Kebede
Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence, Institute for Public Service Reporting, University of Memphis

“With a family history of activism, guided by the presence of God in our everyday lives, I can truly appreciate this valuable book, which demonstrates the applicability of Africana-Melanated Womanism for virtually any field of interest, as presented by its diverse contributors. This is so important today as we ponder to reverse racial discrimination for justice for Black men, women, children, families, and communities worldwide.”
Alveda C. King, PhD,
Evangelist and Niece of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., Chairman, America First Policy Institute (AFPI) Center for the American Dream; author of King Rules: Ten Truths for You, Your Family, and Our Nation to Prosper

“This book, informed by the liberating lens of Africana Womanism, is rooted in African cultural values and perspectives. It reveals how global Africana people continue their fight for peace and restorative justice. It offers hope for a more just world for the dignity of Africana men, women and children.”
Zifikile Makwavarara, PhD
Professor, Department of African Languages and Literature, University of Zimbabwe

Veronica Adadevoh

Molefi Kete Asante

Mark Christian

Alice Faye Duncan

Marquita M. Gammage

Deborah Jackson

Tamara O Jackson

Lasana Kazembe

Debra Walker King

April C. E. Langley

Ana Mazama

S. Renee Mitchell

Anne Steiner

James B. Stewart

Tammy Taylor

Gretel Thornton

Charles Williams

Hilda Williams

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