The Fundamental Principles of Physics: From Atom to Molecule

Starting from the fundamental constituents of matter, this book provides a more precise idea of what an atom or a molecule is by using theories which reproduce the experimental behaviour of matter. Aware of the comprehension difficulties that quantum theory can raise in the minds of students, the book insists on the importance of the physical principles which underlie it, such as the Coulomb relationship, the particle-wave duality, the notion of indeterminism, presence probability and the virial theorem.

Paul Blaise is Professor Emeritus at the University of Perpignan, France, having previously worked at the University of Oran, Algeria, (1975-1980) and the University of Valenciennes, France (1980-1988). He conducted his postdoctoral research in the Laboratory of Quantum Physics at the University of Toulouse, France (1987-88), and his work mainly concerns the quantum theory of infrared spectra of H-bonded species.

Olivier Henri-Rousseau is Honorary Professor at the University of Perpignan, France, having previously served as Professor at the University of Oran, Algeria. He founded and then directed the Mathematics and Physics Laboratory at the University of Perpignan. His work focuses on the regioselectivity of 1,3 dipolar cycloadditions and the theory of IR spectra of weak H bonds.

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