The Technosphere as a New Aesthetic

This edited collection, dedicated to the issue of Homo Kybernetes, sheds light on the genesis and development of opinions about the technosphere as an aesthetic problem par excellence from different points of view. In this sense, the contributions here reflect not only on the cybernetic way of thinking as a condition of the possibility of digital aesthetics, but also on the possibilities of the transition of human sensibility to a different way of bodily existence, starting from transhumanism and the posthuman condition.

Žarko Paić is a Professor at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, where he teaches courses in Aesthetics and Media Theory. He publishes frequently in the fields of philosophy, social sciences, and art theory. He is the author of White Holes and the Visualization of the Body (2019) and Neoliberalism, Oligarchy and the Politics of the Event: At the Edge of Chaos (2020), and the editor of Theorizing Images (with Krešimir Purgar, 2016).

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Massimo De Carolis

Adriano Fabris

Dieter Mersch

Žarko Paić

David Edward Rose

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

Miško Šuvaković

Tonči Valentić

Natasha Vita-More

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