Illness, Disease and Death in the Poems of Constantine Cavafy

Illness, Disease and Death in the Poems of Constantine Cavafy

Constantine Cavafy’s preoccupation with the fragility of the human condition, and his attention to illness, disease and death, old age, alcohol consumption and homosexuality continue to attract and challenge his readers. In turning anew to these themes, this book draws on the medical humanities to provide a new and integrated framework. The medical humanities provide us with a new framework through which Cavafy’s poetry can be investigated, not only by scholars in literary studies and world literature, but also by medical practitioners and researchers in the history of medicine.

Iakovos Menelaou is a Faculty Member at UNICAF, Cyprus, where he is also Programme Leader of the MA in Education, offered in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University. He received his MA in Byzantine Studies and Modern Greek from Queen’s University of Belfast, his MTh from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, and his PhD from King’s College London. He has broad academic interests and specialises in medical humanities, literature, history, and aspects of education.

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