Rethinking Kant Volume 6

This volume reflects a rich tradition of Kantian thought and points to a vibrant future. Gathering voices from philosophers at all levels of their professional development, it offers a glimpse at the current state of Kantian scholarship in the US. The essays collected here cover some of the most important and controversial themes in Kant’s philosophy: questions of freedom, the role of feeling and passion in morality, the nature of transcendental idealism, radical evil and revolution. Some critical, others exegetical or apologetic, all these essays show a sustained effort to rethink Kant and indicate his importance for current philosophical debates.

Edgar Valdez is a Teaching Fellow at Seton Hall University, USA, where he also serves as Associate Director of the University Honors Program. His published work has appeared in Kantian Review, Contextos Kantianos, and Forum Philosophicum.

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Elvira Basevich

Anastasia Berg

Jacob Browning

Robert Colin English

Patricia Kitcher

Justin Shaddock

Houston Smit

Clinton Tolley

Edgar Valdez

Nicole Whalen

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