Organ Shortage Today: A Vital Health and Socio-Political Issue

This book argues that society has the power to solve an urgent, persistent health crisis: the unjust death of patients waiting for an organ, particularly from a deceased donor, to save their lives.

Although the therapeutic and surgical technical advances achieved by organ transplants are significant in their statistical results, society’s response to donation has generally remained underwhelming. The waiting lists are endless, and many patients succumb before a lifesaving organ is found.

In this book, leading specialists in transplant medicine from 10 countries offer an exhaustive analysis of the problems surrounding organ transplants and the current insufficient social behaviour towards organ donation. It describes the evolution of transplantation and its associated medical, ethical-legal, psychosocial, and religious problems, as well as the educational proposals that have accompanied this medical practice over time and the possibility of conceptually and practically renewing some of them.

Félix Cantarovich is a Doctor of Medicine. He is currently a Distinguished Professor of Transplantology and Director of the postgraduate course in Transplantology at the Catholic University of Argentina. He founded the Argentine Transplant Program and served as secretary of the International Transplant Society. He has received awards such as Pioneer in Transplants from the International Transplant Society and the Latin American Transplant Society, and was nominated fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Also an advisor in xenotransplantation to his Holiness John Paul II, he was nominated Distinguished Citizen of the city of Buenos Aires.

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Josefina Maria Alberú

Javier Almela-Baeza

Ashley Baquero

Olivier Bastien

Clive O. Callender

Félix Cantarovich

Nelson Alberto Castro

Beatriz Febrero

Zulma A. González Caraballo

Luis Morales-Otero

Elmi Muller

Ramírez Pablo

Barbara Krystyna Pierscionek

Ruben Revello

Ernesto Rivé-Morra

Eduardo Santiago-Delpin

Adnan Sharif

Marion Siebelink

Jean-Louis Touraine

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