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Tributes to Derek Walcott, 1930-2017: In Various Light

Coming some five years after the death of poet, playwright, teacher and painter Derek Walcott, this book brings together essays, memoirs, and creative work addressing many aspects of his life and work. 20 years after Walcott became the first Caribbean writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, this volume gathers renowned and emerging poets, friends, theatre critics and artists to lay bare their own relationship with a larger-than-life figure and cast their ‘various light’ on his by-no-means unproblematic legacy.

Helen Goethals is Professor of Commonwealth Studies at the University of Toulouse, France. A member of the CAS research centre and an associate member of the Critical Geographies research team, she has written extensively on the relationship between poetry and politics. She edited the Caribbean section of the special double issue of Poetry International featuring English language poetry from around the world.

Eric Doumerc is Assistant Professor of Caribbean Studies at the University of Toulouse, France. His research interests include Caribbean poetry, music, and the Caribbean oral tradition. His recent publications include Celebrate Wha’: Ten Black British Poets from the Midlands (2011) and Dub Poets in Their Own Words (2017).

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Paul Breslin

Stewart Brown

Fred d'Aguiar

Kwame Dawes

Eric Doumerc

Norval Edwards

Maria Cristina Fumagalli

Helen Goethals

Lorna Goodison

Ben Gregson

Donald Jackie Hinkson

Bruce King

Florence Labaune-Demeule

Glyn Maxwell

Geoffrey Philip

Stephanos Stephanides

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