Tolkien in the 21st Century: Reading, Reception, and Reinterpretation

In our media-saturated 21st century, Tolkien’s influence in shaping the fantasy genre remains as important as it has always been. This volume covers analytical issues concerning such influence from the perspectives of reading, reception, and reinterpretation.

Jorge L. Bueno Alonso is Senior Lecturer at the Department of English, French and German at the University of Vigo, Spain. His main research interests are Medieval and Renaissance English literature and film studies, with a particular focus on the link between literature and film.

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Tom Birkett

Jorge Luis Bueno-Alonso

Andoni Cossio

Laura Gálvez

Ibai Adrián Goldaraz

Stuart Lee

Jonathan Lench

Sergio López Martínez

Adriana Taboada González

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Release Date: 31st May 2022

Pages: 175

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