Psychotherapy of the Future: 15 Questions about Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal psychotherapy speaks to us of a way of being in the world and doing things that goes beyond appearances. As such, it belongs to the heroic journey of anyone en route home, through valleys of passion and ignorance, peaks of insight and leaps of heart, nights of the soul and endless awakenings, deaths and rebirths, who simply recognises himself in the humble attempt to free himself from his personal history and drink from the source of being. As this book shows, it is a way that passes through awareness, synergy, sharing, resonance, interconnection, nature, respect, listening, contact, acceptance, responsibility, emotional mastery, and self-knowledge.

Through 15 questions, this text deals with the transpersonal psychotherapeutic approach in a thorough and detailed way.

Pier Luigi Lattuada, MD, PsyD. PhD, is the founder of Biotransenergetics, a new integral transpersonal psychotherapeutic approach. He is also the CEO of the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan and Director of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan. In addition, he is Chair of the Department of Integral Transpersonal Psychology at Ubiquity University, USA, and President of the Global Transpersonal Network. He has also published 20 books and several scientific articles.

“This book is a great tour de force because the author is himself the future of Psychotherapy, and so no one is better qualified to write about transpersonal psychotherapy, what it is, where it is going, who its many pioneers are, what they think and how their work integrates together. Special tribute of course, is paid to some of the great heroes of the new psychotherapy, who include the great Stan Grof, Ken Wilber, Joseph Campbell and Abraham Maslow. I see this book not only as a ‘must read’ for all students of Transpersonal Psychology, but also as a key textbook for all who want to know more about what all the great visionary thinkers have said about how spirituality and psychotherapy are increasingly converging. I found it a fascinating read.”
Serge Beddington Behrens
Author, Gateways to the Soul

“An important contribution to a vitally important and rapidly evolving field.”
Ervin Laszlo

“Dr Pier Luigi Lattuada’s beautifully-written, Psychotherapy of the Future reveals the hidden powers of the embodied-soul in the healing process and will improve the work of clinicians worldwide, as well as be a great inspiration to all who seek happiness, creativity and more enlightened living. It draws from his decades of experience as a medical doctor-psychotherapist, founder and instructor of his own Biotransenergetica School of psychotherapy training and as a widely recognized leader in the field of Transpersonal Psychology throughout Europe, Russia and the US.
Stuart Sovatsky, PhD
President-Emeritus, US Association of Transpersonal Psychology; Author, Words from the Soul: Time, East-West Spiritualities and Psychotherapeutic Narrative

“In this book, one of Europe’s leading transpersonal psychologists provides a wise and authoritative overview of the field, setting out his own inspiring vision of an integral transpersonal approach, and how this can inform psychotherapy. [It is a] book which all transpersonal theorists should read.”
Steve Taylor PhD
Chair, Transpersonal Section of the British Psychological Society

“Pier Luigi Lattuada’s new book Psychotherapy of the Future is perhaps the most thorough review of transpersonal philosophy that I have seen. [It is h]ighly recommended.”
Amit Goswami
Quantum physicist; author, The Self-Aware Universe and The Everything Answer Book

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