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Cosmic Implications of Ponderomotive Wave Forces

This book explores the ponderomotive wave forces of space plasma, which have implications for a large number of cosmic plasma phenomena. Plasma is a state of matter comprising an equal amount of negative (electrons) and positive (ions) charged particles. The ionized state is the dominating state of matter in the cosmos for stars, galaxies and their corresponding intermediate regions. This book discusses the plasma state and its corresponding theoretical implications based on the analysis of space plasma data.

The theory of ponderomotive forcing offers a most important tool for the analysis of “in situ” plasma data of acceleration processes in the terrestrial and Martian plasma environment. In addition, the solar wind interaction with objects in the solar system also provides a roadmap for the analysis and interpretations of other stellar and galactic objects, out of reach for direct “in-situ” measurements.

Rickard Lundin is Professor Emeritus at the University of Umeå, Sweden, and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. He started his career as an experimentalist in space plasma physics, eventually becoming involved in the design and development of space plasma instrumentation on rockets, and satellites. He served as Principal Investigator of plasma energy-mass analyzers on nine space missions, orbiting the Earth, Mars, Venus and a comet. His main scientific interest is the solar wind-induced acceleration and escape of plasma from planets in the solar system. He is the author and co-author of over 400 scientific papers in planetary magnetospheric plasma physics.

Hans Lidgren holds a MSc in Civil Engineering and is a Cofounder of the oil company Rex International Holding Ltd. During his time within the Rex group Lidgren has developed a proprietary liquid hydrocarbon indicator ‘Rex Virtual Drilling’ – a multi-attribute seismic analytical tool which studies dispersion events in the seismic data to provide information about potential presence of liquid hydro-carbons (oil) in reservoir rocks. He has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, including work with multiple types of satellite data and wave ponderomotive force.

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