Cultural Exchanges in the Eastern Mediterranean: Asia Minor, Cyprus and Egypt

The movement of people and objects has always stood at the heart of attempts to understand the course and processes of human history. The history of the Mediterranean is particularly abundant when it comes to issues of migration, colonisation, and trade, initiating thus archaeological, historical, linguistic and cultural discussions.

This collection highlights the richness and depth of the multifaceted cultural exchanges of the region and focuses on underrepresented aspects of cultural exchanges in the Mediterranean, with Cyprus having a central role as a crossroads. It responds to the challenge of linking the study of everyday life at the micro-level to macro-scale narratives based on trans-regional engagement.

Stelios Irakleous obtained his PhD from Leiden University, the Netherlands. His research is focused on Karamanlidika, Ottoman literature, and linguistic and cultural interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean. He has published a number of articles in journals such as Archivum Ottomanicum, Mediterranean Language Review, and Cahiers du Centre d’Études Chypriotes.

Michalis N. Michael obtained his PhD from the University of Cyprus. He is the author of The Church of Cyprus during the Ottoman period: The Gradual Formation of an Institution of Political Power (2005) and Revolts as a Field of Power Negotiation. Ottoman Cyprus, 1804-1841 (2016). He is also the co-editor (with Matthias Kappler and Eftihios Gavriel) of Ottoman Cyprus: A Collection of Studies on History and Culture (2009). He is an Associate Professor of Ottoman History at the University of Cyprus.

Athanasios Koutoupas is a PhD candidate at the Cyprus Institute, and collaborates with Société Archéologique d’Alexandrie on various projects. His research focuses on religion, history, and archaeology, especially of the Graeco-Roman and Early Christian eras in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Stelios Irakleous

Matthias Kappler

Athanasios Koutoupas

Michalis N. Michael

Eftychia Mylona

Christina Roditou

Gulshen Sakhatova

Theoharis Stavrides

Karène Summerer-Sanchez

Ahmet Yıkık

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