A Study of Ethics for All Disciplines with Foundations in Humanity

This text provides an understanding of values and how values impact the way we see the world. It also considers questions of reasoning and how principles guide practice. If one places humanity at the heart of practice, we need to know what it is to exist as a worldly being and what it is to be human. Both practitioners and recipients of practice are human, so the book also presents these two perspectives. It formally provides a framework for ethical reasoning and theories, and discusses applications within the beginning of life, end of life, science, education, and business. Its Appendix is devoted to teaching ethics within a multidisciplinary, interactive classroom.

Beverly J. Whelton, PhD, MSN, is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy teaching part-time at Wheeling University, USA, and teaches online for Eastern Gateway Community College, USA. She received her MSN and PhD in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America, and lectures nationally and internationally on human life itself as a foundation for practice. In 2019, she was the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, and she was honored in the quarterly publication Top 100 Educators in 2021.

Jane Neuenschwander, EdD, has practiced education in a variety of settings. After years of teaching in public schools, she moved into the area of curriculum and instruction, working for the Challenger Learning Centre at Wheeling University, USA. She also worked as a NASA Educator Resource Manager with responsibilities in the area of educational professional development.

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