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Philosophical and Sociological Reflections on Labour Law in Times of Crisis

Starting from the assertion that crisis is part of the essence of labour law, this volume brings together researchers in the field who accepted the challenge to critically reflect on this branch of the discipline. As the COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact, labour law across the world must come to terms with a new reality. In this context, it would be prudent to adapt to new circumstances by taking known paths.

To this end, this book reflects on what effectively constitutes labour law, considering questions which are not usual within labour law. Insights from philosophical, sociological and even economic standpoints are mobilised to reconcile the past with the future of labour law.

Eduardo von Adamovich is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He obtained his PhD degree in Labour Law from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, in 2004. He acts as a judge for the regional labour court of appeal in Rio de Janeiro (Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 1ª Região) and is a member of Brazilian and international institutions dedicated to the study of labour law and the philosophy of law.

Marcel Zernikow holds a PhD in Law from Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France. In 2019, he became a Visiting Lecturer at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he also conducted his postdoctoral research. He is currently a Lecturer at the Université Bretagne Sud, France, and a Research Associate at the Institut de recherche juridique de la Sorbonne, France.

"The Covid-19 pandemic shook the foundations of labour law, making it legitimate to revaluate whether the hitherto accepted standards remain valid not only in times of crisis but also beyond. The book under review was written at the very beginning of the global pandemic. The analyses conducted in it seem, however, to be relevant not only from the point of view of the development of the pandemic reality but also from the possibility of applying the analyses presented in it to post-crisis periods."

Izabela Florczak and Marta Otto Praca i Zabezpieczenie Społeczne 08/2023, s. 55-59

Alexandre Agra Belmonte

Alessandra Barichello Boskovic

Calogero Massimo Cammalleri

Giuseppe Casale

Flore Claus

Cláudio Teixeira Damilano

André Jobim de Azevedo

Alexander De Becker

Raluca Dimitriu

Diego Ledesma Iturbide

Vitor Kaiser Jahn

Eva Kocher

Leonor Suárez Llanos

Nicole Maggi-Germain

Nelson Mannrich

Vincenzo Pietrogiovanni

Alfredo Sánchez-Castañeda

Martin Štefko

Gilberto Stürmer

Marek Švec

Beryl ter Haar

Monika Uhlerová

Jordi García Viña

Eduardo von Adamovich

Manfred Weiss

Miroslaw Wlodarczyk

Marcel Zernikow

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