The Philosophy of Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction

Nearly a century after his death, the Austrian philosopher and spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) continues to have an influence in education, medicine, agriculture and art. However, the content of Steiner’s philosophy remains largely unknown to the broader public.

This book assumes the task of making Steiner’s complex spiritual philosophy more accessible. Using simple terms, it presents the fundamentals of Steiner’s philosophy as a logical development of key ideas, which Steiner first proposed in The Philosophy of Freedom and later developed into Anthroposophy. As a basic introduction, this book offers a simple first step for further study into Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.

Dr Thomas Redwood is an Australian writer and educator. He is the author of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Poetics of Cinema and over 30 publications for Australian Teachers of Media. He has lectured in Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne and European Studies at the University of Adelaide. He has also worked as a secondary teacher at a number of Steiner schools. This is his second book.

“This book is excellent. It is exceptionally well written. It treats Steiner’s influential esoteric world view in clear, concise and easy-to-read terms. I have often encountered Steiner’s ideas in cultural and educational histories of the twentieth century. But rarely are the ideas properly explained. Redwood’s book corrects this deficit. I learnt a lot about Steiner’s world view from reading it.”
Professor Peter Murphy
Author of The Collective Imagination: The Creative Spirit of Free Societies

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