Second Language Teaching in the Digital Era: Perspectives and Practices

This book provides a perspective on second language teaching in the digital era. It considers the teaching process from two angles: the theoretical highlights the approaches, principles and techniques of teaching a second language to the generation of digital learners, and the practical presents the case studies of applying innovative technologies and evaluating their efficiency in the second language teaching.

Elena Chaika has been working for Voronezh State University, Russia, since 1984, when she graduated as an interpreter/translator and teacher of English language and literature. She completed her PhD in Language Education in 2002, and is currently a pre-service foreign language teacher trainer and designer of learning materials for online modules in language education.

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Odile Blanvillain

Elena Chaika

Lesia Dobrovolska

Nelly Foucher-Stenklov

Sue Garton

Dmitriy Kiselyov

Nur Kurtoglu-Hooton

Olga Meshcheriakova

Luiza Muzafarova

Tetyana Myronenko

Natalia Pavlou

Iryna Piniuta

Anne Prunet

Thomas Raith

Valentina Rudneva

Ankit Kumar Tiwari

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