Countdown to the Global Financial Crisis: A Story of Power and Greed

Whilst the global financial crisis has been written about by many authors, this book traces the pattern of crises that have impacted the US investment banking industry to disclose how the banking culture was established at the birth of the United States and culminated in the crisis. The culture, behaviour of individuals, and regulatory bodies all played a part. The book explores the humble beginnings of the once-respected firm of Lehman Brothers. It also provides an example of how the mighty have fallen and offers the industry a cautionary tale.

Dr Paul Mazzola has had an illustrious career spanning the worlds of academia and the corporate and investment banking industry. During his time in banking, he was involved in some of the largest and most complex international financing transactions and worked as a senior executive in one of the largest global investment management businesses. He has managed to apply his experience and knowledge to a vast body of research that has covered financial markets, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory reform. Dr Mazzola regularly contributes to media across the globe, and is frequently interviewed as an expert on banking and finance. His excellence in textbook authorship has been recognised by winning an Australian Educational Publishing Award for Best Tertiary Teaching and Learning Title.

“Self-destructive power, greed, excess—all the elements of Hollywood fiction... but this was real”
Craig Lee
Company Director and former Investment Banker

“A must-read for anyone considering a career in finance.”
Mike Davis
Former Director, Merrill Lynch - New York

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